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In most cases, we produce and deliver bespoke work according out customer’s specifications. If you wish, we can also assemble and mount the printed circuit boards in a variety of housings to create a ready-to-use control unit. Thanks to our innovative nature and flexibility, we can respond to a wide range of customer requirements.

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Do you already have a design for a certain product, or do you have an existing product which you wish to improve? Either way, we are more than happy to help you.
We produce electronic controllers for the industrial market, which means that our products are well built and durable and efficiently perform the tasks for which they have been designed,.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we are to think along with you on finding a solution to even the most complex problems.
As we are equipped with the right tools and software, we can offer you a design that matches your demands and specifications exactly.


You can rely on our speedy service, even after the product has been put to use.
We are ready to help in case of malfunctions, with maintenance and are happy to keep your software up to date. Thanks to our experience with your product, we are better able to offer you product-oriented support.

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We frequently use SMD components in the production of our printed circuit boards. SMD stands for Surface mounted diode. Unlike components with connecting wires (through-hole, see below), SMD components are not inserted through the printed circuit board, but mounted on top . This offers several advantages:

  • As it is more compact, SMD components can be produced in smaller sizes
    • Less waste during assembly
    • It is cheap, partly because of the two aforementioned points
    • It is possible to assemble the PCB on both sides because no connecting wires need to be strung through the PCB
  • Better electrical and thermal properties

We have the right equipment to assemble and solder SMD parts. Our machines are very fast and accurate, which allows us to easily produce large series.


We also offer through-hole assemblage, in which electronic parts are secured by inserting connecting wires through the printed circuit board and soldering them. Before the advent of SMD (see above) this was the most common way to solder parts. Through-hole cannot always be replaced by SMD yet. In some cases, through-hole is necessary, because this technique has the following advantages:

  • Through-hole components are better suited for applications with high voltage and current
  • Through-hole components are more resistant to heat and mechanical vibrations which the circuit board must withstand
  • Through-hole is much better suited for prototyping than SMD

If the design has the right proportion, we try to use as many SMD components as possible because these have many advantages. Some applications through-hole components are necessary and not all components are available in SMD version, therefore it is also possible to have us carry out through-hole assemblage.



Does your project need housing? We supply housings which also provide your project with a user interface. You can also have an user interface built into the housing that is suitable for an industrial environment. This housing has the following advantages:

  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Possibly cast-in electronics against vibrations
  • Solid knobs and keys


We not only manufacture housings, but also provide service and maintenance. After your design has been put into production, we will install and connect it in our workplace. Because our technicians have been involved in the design and production phase, they are fully aware of the operation and the crucial requirements of your product. Even if a malfunction happens, we know exactly where to look to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

  • On-site installation
  • In case of malfunction, we will be on site as soon as possible
  • Regular maintenance
  • Software updates

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