This box has been developed to automatically check the rotating field and set it in the correct direction. It also serves as the voltage detection and phase presence control.

Easy to connect or build in sensors. (A socket that can switch 230V is sufficient.) (Sensors can also be supplied.)

Other functions: automatic switch off / manual switch on per engine. (Two engines possible on 1 box), temporarily reverse rotating field using push button operation.

Registers: running hours per engine, number of starts per engine, total up-time, thermal failures per engine.

Can also be combined with, for example, a softstarter.

Itscomponents can be switched depending on application and power. Relay choices: 100-K09KF01,100-C12KF01,100-C16KF01,100-C23KF01,100-C30KF01.

Matching thermal protections: 193-KB40, 193-KB48, 193-KB63, 193-KC10, 193-T1AB63, 193-T1AB75, 193-T1AC10, 193-T1AC12, 193-T1AC16.

softstarter choice: 150-C19NBD, 150-C25NBD, 150-C30NBD.

Machine selection: 1492-SPM3C160-N, 1492-SPM3C200-N, 1492-SPM3C250-N, 1492-SPM3C300-N, 1492-SPM3C320-N, 1492-SPM3D250-N.

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